Archive of Past Events

Members of the Hawaii Jewelers Association are invited to attend numerous events throughout the year. These meetings and seminars help jewelry retailers keep up-to-date on recent developments and our annual banquet where we celebrate success in our business year. When we release the dates, our directors immediately remind our fellow members to “save the dates.”

HJA have several online presences, our official website, Facebook account, Instragram account, and our LinkedIn account. Once we issue the dates, information is made available through our virtual portals to make sure our members are clear on the details.

We always maintain a familial environment in our ceremonies so our members and directors would be comfortable bringing their families with them.

These are, among others, the benefits of being affiliated with Hawaii Jewelers Association. Apart from being a stable organization, we care about our members. The banquets, seminars and other events are ways of repaying our colleague for trusting us.