HJA Professionals Commitment

Mission Statement

“With a mission to increase consumer confidence in Hawaii's jewelry businesses, Hawaii Jewelers Association advocates professionalism and adherence to high ethical, social and environmental standards through our Code of Professional Practices"

Hawaii Jewelers Association member companies include independent jewelry retailers, multi-store jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, jewelry designers and brands, and service providers to the jewelry industry. We are known as a hub of fine jewelry industry knowledge and an advocate for professional, high social, ethical and environmental standards in the jewelry trade. Our task has remained since we were established in 1949.

When you buy a dazzling piece of fine jewelry, you’re making an important purchase. Trust all your significant jewelry purchases to a Hawaii Jewelers Association member retailer, because they are your ultimate source of fine jewelry.  When choosing a jeweler, you are beginning a relationship. Many times a jeweler plays a significant role in the most important and special moments of your life. The sales professionals at Hawaii Jewelers Association-member stores take pride in making your jewelry shopping experience as memorable as the event you are commemorating.

With their annual commitment to our Code of Professional Practices and their unmatched jewelry expertise, Hawaii Jewelers Association member stores are professional and trustworthy. Our members are among the most professional retailer and supplier businesses in the jewelry industry. So when you see the HJA logo displayed in a place of business or on a website, you  know you will be dealing with an honorable professional who has committed to providing the best possible service and quality merchandise for his or her customers.

To enhance consumers’ confidence in the retail jewelry industry, Hawaii Jewelers Association offers its members numerous professional development opportunities, including Sales, Management and Bench Certification, training programs and discounts on leading industry education. Retail jewelry professionals of HJA-member stores actively pursue training and education to provide their customer with the best service possible.

Code of Ethics

  • To do our full share in supporting the Association for the betterment of the Jewelry industry and the good of our community, we will abide by all rulings and codes prescribed by the Association.
  • To deserve the patronage of the people of the community, we will offer merchandise and render services based upon the highest standards of quality, truth and honesty.
  • To earn and maintain a reputation of fairness, we will give maximum value for our goods and services at a just price and will be willing to promptly adjust any reasonable cause of dissatisfaction on the part of a customer.
  • To foster public confidence and to create an image of integrity for the jewelry industry, we will avoid any exaggerations of misrepresentations in words or advertising which will mislead a customer in his purchase or engage in unfair trade practices which will cause him to lessen his respect for the jewelers as merchants.
  • To be mindful of the welfare of the customer, we will lend our support to consumer protective measures advocated by government or by recognized consumer interest groups.