2020 Design Contest Entries

Under $3500 Entries

MONSTERA RING: by Maui Divers Design Team - Maui Divers Jewelry. Escape to your own personal tropical garden with the conforming elegance and comfort of this beautiful Monstera Ring. Stamped - Made in Hawaii. $595.

ELEGANT EMBRACE: by Dona Wong - Keoni Collection. This graceful platinum ring features a stunning 5.43 carat green tourmaline framed in a flowing asymmetrical design set off with brilliant diamonds, all coming together in an elegant embrace. $3,300
LANIKAI: by Denny Wong ‑ Denny Wong Designs. Capturing tropical Lanikai Ocean colors these graceful, casual earrings are created in 18 karat white and yellow gold and feature baubles of aquamarine and sparkling periwinkle blue tanzanite. $2,900
DAWN ECLIPSE: by Mark Carson - Mark Carson/Individual Design. Depicting the moon about to eclipse the rising sun over an azure sea, this creative design features an orange sapphire, white sapphires, lapis lazuli and a glowing South Sea Pearl set in Sterling Silver. $899 - Made in Hawaii
PUA MELIA: by Chira Duval-Arnould - Aquagems LLC. This creative and stunning Pua Melia or Plumeria Flower design features a rich golden south seas pearl and brilliant colorless topaz gems beautifully created in gold plated Sterling Silver. $597 - Made in Hawaii
RIPPIN IT: by Tom Wheeler - Opal Fields. Featuring a colorful Ethiopian crystal opal this easy wearing super comfortable bracelet is the perfect everyday piece that will top off anything in your wardrobe. Body conforming the light spring loaded gold allows the wearer to effortlessly rip it on and rip it off. $1,250
PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT: by Eli Saban ‑ JES Jewelry. The Unalome Lotus flower design represents wisdom and the path to enlightenment. Capturing this meaning perfectly, this pendant is masterfully crafted in 14 karat gold featuring an aquamarine gem and diamond accent. $1,995 - Made in Hawaii
LUNAR LOVE RING: by Carrie Nottage Smith ‑ Na Hoku. Featuring and impressive South Sea Pearl and a beautiful blue Tanzanite gem the unique bypass design of this ring captures the moon s endless dance around our blue planet. Beautifully crafted in 14 karat white gold studded with shimmering diamonds. $3,200 - Made in Hawaii
YOUR MAKE ME BLUSH: by Mira Rah ‑ Solitaire Jewelers. These charming and sexy dangle earrings feature sculpted pink quartz briolette gems accented with blue topaz and diamonds crafted in precious 18 karat white gold. Your sure to make her blush when you tell her how charming and sexy she looks wearing these earrings! $1,850.
WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS: by Marco Salem ‑ Solitaire Jewelers. These classic and beautiful dangle earrings feature sculpted lemon yellow quartz briolette gems accented with diamonds and crafted in 18 karat white gold. Life will never give you lemons when wearing these beautiful earrings! $1,850.

$3500 and Over Entries

E Ho'āla: by Maui Divers Design Team - Maui Divers Jewelry. E Ho'āla, which means “The awakening,” is inspired by the Hawaiian Sunrise. A symbol of new beginnings and the promise of possibilities, this inspired piece captures the rays in 14k yellow gold, 0.79 carats of diamonds and a top quality 17mm South Sea Pearl. $16,995. Inspired, designed and created in Hawaii.
SECRET GARDEN: by Dona Wong - Keoni Collection. This beautiful emerald and diamond pendant with its intricate curves and openings evokes the feminine nature. The soothing green emeralds set the mood and the brilliant diamonds spark the excitement to frolic in the secret garden . . . masterfully created in 18 karat white gold. $4,790
TEARDROPS OF THE SUN: by Mark Carson - Mark Carson Individual Design. This earring and pendant ensemble features orange sapphires from which golden Tahitian pearls dangle. Brilliant, colorful and elegant this ensemble is created in 18K white gold with diamond accent and an 18K white gold snake chain. $6,995. Made in Hawaii.
MAGNIFICENT: by Tom Wheeler - Opal Fields. A magnificent boulder black opal, surrounded by magnificent “hearts & arrows” diamonds. A magnificent ring that magnificently transforms into a magnificent pendant! Of course, magnificently created in 18 karat yellow gold. $74,900 - Completely Made in Hawaii
GOLDEN NATURALLY: by Chira Duval-Arnould - Aquagems. An organic nature inspired design featuring a naturally intense golden color South Seas pearl and brilliant diamonds representing the golden beauty of the precious nature that surrounds us. $4,195 - Made in Hawaii
DANCING MR BLUE: by Wailua Brandman - Opal Fields. Mr Blue, an incredible GIA graded fancy vivid blue diamond, reflecting and dancing among the brilliance of the pave` set diamonds surrounding it. The precision craftsmanship to allow Mr Blue to dance with the heart beat of the wearer is truly incredible and painstaking bringing pride and joy to its owner. $49,000 - Made in Hawaii
WINNER: by Eli Saban - JES Jewelry. This incredible massive gold pendant depicts the proud winning gamecock for anyone who wants to show off their winning status or who simply wants to invest in gold and art. $4,995 - Made in Hawaii
SWEET AS SUGAR: by Dale Cripps - Hawaiian Isles Jewelry & Collectibles. Are you sweet as sugar and hard as ice? If so this Sugar Loaf emerald ring might be for you! In 18 karat white gold it features an incredible 6.24 carat rare sugar loaf emerald cabochon with matching trillion diamonds in a classic three stone ring design. $15,900
MAHINA QUILT PENDANT: by Carrie Nottage Smith - Na Hoku. Inspired by the famous Hawaiian heirloom quilts it features a beautiful ocean blue moonstone gem that is set off with four carefully matched blue tanzanite gems delicately accented with diamonds. It captures the beauty of Hawaii and the lore of Hawaiian heirloom quilt. $4,495 - Made in Hawaii
SMOKING HOT: by Mira Rah - Solitaire Jewelers. These earrings are “smoking hot” featuring sultry mysterious smoky quartz briolette gems under a crown of brilliant diamonds in 18 karat white gold and will add that “smoking hot” touch to outfit your wearing. $6,450
MY ROSE: by Marco Salem - Solitaire Jewelers. An intricately designed statement ring, feminine and intriguing with red rubies and pink sapphires romantically set in a black rhodium plated finish. Give your love a chance to grow with My Rose! $14,900

Hawaiian Themed Entries

OHANA: by Luana Zablan - Lehua Jewelers. The word Ohana is rooted in the kalo plant oha - ana. The oha is used to create the next generation and this pendant of 14 karat gold and gemstones elegantly represents this rich Hawaiian word meaning. $2,495.
LEHUA ALOHILANI: by Sharon Gilbert - Lehua Jewelers. These 18 karat yellow gold earrings are hand engraved in Hawaiian heirloom style with bright ray like lines and that along with the brilliant diamonds beautifully depict Hawaii’s bright skies (Alohilani). $3,625 - Made in Hawaii
IPU BRACELET: by Maui Divers Design Team - Maui Divers Jewelry.
Inspired by the Bishop Museum collections and adorned with a striking triangular patterning, this bracelet in 14k yellow gold is an element of Hawaiian life that speaks to prosperity, music and the celebration of daily life. $7,295 - Made in Hawaii
HAWAIIAN SUNRISE: by Denny Wong - Denny Wong Designs. The intensely colorful Hawaiian sunrise shells where once the exclusive property of Hawaiian Royalty regarded as a precious jewel. This pendant and earring ensemble with delicately cascading of graduated colored fancy sapphires in 14 karat rose gold capture all the beauty, color and preciousness of what the native people of Hawaii thought of as the most precious thing to have. $3,300
THE BLUE WAVE: by Thom Sirivattha & Mark Carson - Mark Carson Individual Design. As a surfer being fully engulfed inside a breaking wave is the ultimate surfing experience known as surfing the blue room, the inspiration for this wave bracelet design in sterling silver set with a blue sapphire. $1,200 - Made in Hawaii
HAWAII ISLAND: by Chira Duval-Arnould - Aquagems LLC.
This delightful ring shows the outline of Hawaii’s largest island, Hawaii Island. It magically reflects and shows off the golden South Seas pearl it holds in its intriguing parabolic sculpted design. Hawaii Island is a magical place and this magical ring represents it well. Created in gold plated Sterling Silver it is super affordable. $225 - Made in Hawaii
DOWN UNDER HONU: by Tom Wheeler - Opal Fields. The hawaiian green sea turtle (honu) is probably Hawaii’s most loved and respected sea creature claimed by many as their Aumakua or guardian creature. The nature and colors of Australia’s black opal lend perfectly to express this beautiful and magical creature. This Honu pendant design features a beautiful Australian boulder black opal with tiny diamonds making this honu’s eyes sparkle. $3,845 - Made in Hawaii
ISLAND STYLE: by Dale Cripps - Hawaiian Isles Jewelry & Collectibles. The plumeria flower is the most famous flower in all of Hawaii. This bracelet captures the beauty and deep sculptural aspects of this graceful delicate flower perfectly. $1,300 - Made in Hawaii
MOANA REEF-LIFE NECKLACE: by Carrie Nottage Smith - Na Hoku. This enchanting necklace captures Hawaii’s ocean sea creatures beautifully with color inlays, diamonds and 14 karat gold. Wonderfully designed it is linked together so that it conforms to the body as though it was a part of you. $5890 - Made in Hawaii.