Security Alert 2014, November 4 Florida

November 4, 2014

Mitchell Terrell Brigham, 28, was arrested on 11/4/14 after burglarizing a local jewelry store and pawn shop in Chipley, FL the day before. On 11/3/14 around nine in the morning, he broke into a jewelry store by kicking in the front door. Once he gained entry he smashed a showcase and left with merchandise. He then traded the merchandise for crack cocaine. Later that day Brigham met up with two friends who were driving to Georgia, and when they arrived in Georgia they got into an argument. His friends then kicked him out the car and left him in Georgia. He ended up stealing a Nissan Altima to get back to Chipley. Once he arrived in Chipley, around ten at night, he burglarized a pawn shop by driving the stolen vehicle through the front door. When he gained entry he stole jewelry and assault rifles which he ended up trading for more crack cocaine. Police from Georgia provided Chipley Police Department with video of Brigham stealing the vehicle from a convenience store which helped them identify Brigham as a suspect. But before Chipley police obtained the video Chipley residents were identifying Brigham as the suspect. The next day, 11/4/14, Chipley Police arrested Brigham, who admitted to investigators he burglarized the two businesses. The stolen assault rifles were also recovered.