Message from our President

~ A message from our 2016-2017 President ~

A quick look around on-line and anyone can see how many jewelry businesses are active in our state and especially on Oahu. This is wonderful of course, it means that consumers in Hawaii are buying jewelry, enough to support the successful operation of hundreds of Jewelry businesses.

The only misfortune in this scenario is how many of these jewelry businesses are Hawaii Jewelers Association members. As of now that number hovers in the mid 50's, a fraction of the jewelry businesses and people who should be HJA members.

Our hardworking executive directors have implemented many steps forward in HJA’s ability to be meaningful to both members and consumers through social media and on-line presence. Hawaii Jewelers Association’s consumer recognition and brand are growing. The HJA’s website, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin accounts reflect this vividly.

The easiest business decision to make for any Hawaii Jewelry business or jewelry professional is to be a member of the Hawaii Jewelers Association. The exposure from HJA’s website and social media endeavors is worth the small annual dues. The ability to use the HJA logo on your advertisement, signage and correspondence media (digital or print) is worth the small annual dues. The ability to proudly say to your customers that you are a member of the Hawaii Jewelers Association is worth the small annual dues.

The most important goal of your HJA board and executive directors is to see the HJA become a stronger, more meaningful professional association through greater membership numbers.

Thank you very much,

Tom Wheeler1

Tom Wheeler, CGA
American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser Title Holder

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