Security Alert – 2015, March 15 – GIA Laboratory Alert

GIA Laboratory Alert

May 12, 2015 -- GIA reasonably suspects that approximately 500 colorless to near colorless diamonds submitted primarily to our laboratory in Israel potentially were subjected to an undisclosed temporary treatment.

GIA believes that the treatment is a process that temporarily masks the inherent color of the diamond and can lead to a higher grade. The color difference can be as much as three grades. GIA has not yet identified the treatment process, but this is being actively researched. At this time, the diamonds treated in this way have been submitted by just a few clients.
Report numbers with this suspected treatment are listed below and we ask anyone who has purchased or holds these diamonds to please re-submit them to any GIA location for review. GIA will expedite the service, and no fee will be assessed.  We have terminated submissions from the clients who have submitted these diamonds to GIA and have notified the appropriate trade bodies.

Report numbers are listed in numerical order by columns. To find a specific report number from the list below, you can use the 'find' functionality in your browser. You can also download and search within the link below.

Click on this link to go to the GIA website and view all the diamonds that are reported mis-graded