Security Alert 2014, July 20 Novi, MI

Couple Switches Diamond Earrings

Novi, MI – July 20, 2014
The white couple pictured below entered a retail jewelry store and the female asked to try on a pair of 2 ct. t.w. diamond earrings. When the female was wearing the earrings, she started fighting with the male, who she advised had called her by the wrong name.  The female handed the earrings to male and quickly left. The male apologized for the female’s behavior, set a pair of earrings on the showcase and left the store. After the suspects had left, it was determined that the suspects had switched a pair of 1 ct. t.w diamond earrings for the 2 ct. t.w. they had been shown. It is reported that the same couple switched a pair of diamond earrings at another store in Taylor, MI on August 18, 2013 during which the suspects also argued during the switch to distract the sales associates.

1. While inspecting or wearing an item, if a customer drops it, begins to faint, claims to be ill, asks for a drink of water, engages in loud or belligerent activity, or engages in any other distracting activity, be especially on guard for a switch.

2. After a customer has handled an item, re-examine it to make sure it is the same item before returning it to the showcase. It could be a cz, moissanite, or smaller or lesser stone. You may have to loupe it, or use diamond or moissanite testing equipment.

3. Don’t turn you back on a customer.

4. When placing an item back in its tray, be certain it has the genuine store tag, and that the item and a fake tag have not been substituted. Never allow a customer to return an item to a tray. Do customers seem unusually interested and are studying the tags? Perhaps they’re planning to return, or have an accomplice return, with an item to switch and a tag just like the one used in your store.


Originally posted by Jewelers' Security Alliance