Security Alert 2014, July 18 Manchester, NH

Suspect Gets Credit Card Authorization By Passing Her Cell Phone To A Sales Associate

Manchester, NH – July 18, 2014
The suspect pictured below tried to buy six different items totaling $9,000 in a retail jewelry store. She wore a high-end watch, necklace and bracelet and appeared to be an affluent customer. When it came time to pay, her credit card did not go through. The store manager directed the suspect to call her bank, and one of the store employees called merchant services. Merchant service reported that the card was lost or stolen and advised the store to seize the card if they felt comfortable. In the meantime, the employee assisting the suspect was handed the suspect’s cell phone and was walked through how to force through the transaction by an accomplice of the suspect who was on the line. The person “from the bank” on the phone was extremely convincing, and provided an authorization code that allowed the sale.

1. In any credit transaction, whether involving credit cards, checks or any other payment method, never accept information provided in a phone call generated by the customer, or to a number provided by the customer. As in this case, the suspect could be calling an accomplice.

2. Never let a customer touch your credit card terminal, or try to instruct you on how it should be operated.

3. Examine both sides of every credit card, including the typeface, logo and signature strip to see if it has been tampered with, and that it appears to be genuine.

Originally posted by Jeweler's Security Alliance