Security Alert 2014, October 31 Honolulu, HI


Two females entered a jewelry store in Honolulu around 1:00 PM on Halloween day. After being greeted by the sales person, they are observed on camera "lurking" behind the display cases and picking up small items off the counter.

No merchandise was stolen as the display cases were empty at the time, however, Female 1 proceeded to steal the sales person's iPhone that was on the counter while Female 2 engaged the sales person in conversation.  Both quickly left the store shortly thereafter.

Female 1:  late 20’s/early 30's, black hair with red highlights, just past shoulder length, pink tanktop.

Female 2:  late 20’s/early 30's, black hair (up do), superman logo tshirt

Contact:  HPD Detective Killam  (808) 723-8764
Case reference #: 14-397459

20141104 SA1a

Female 1


20141104 SA2a
Female 2