2015, March 27- Featured Associate member – Grunberger Diamonds

Featuring HJA Associate Member, Grunberger Diamonds
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Grunberger Diamonds, Inc. has joined the Hawaii Jewelers Association

Featuring HJA Member, Grunberger Diamonds

Great Neck, New York: Grunberger Diamonds is now a part of the Hawaii Jewelers Association. This makes Ideal Cut with Heart and Arrows melee diamonds (under .20 of a carat) in over 40 color and clarity combinations from .6mm to 3.6mm an option for each member of the association. A consistent cut in diamonds is hard to find, but this is a specialty that only Grunberger brings to the industry.

Diamonds with this precision in cut has traditionally been thought of as available only the the largest manufacturers and retailers, but is now available to HJA members. "Our philosophy is to treat our smallest customer as if they were our biggest, "emphasizes David Grunberger, head of the New York office and torchbearer of the family business. A designer seeking to feature his talents on a precious metal canvas with pave set daimonds can expect the same exact treatment that a big manufacturer enjoys.

As a HJA member you get the following:

  • No minimum order
  • Strict quality tolerance...AGS Members, GIA Dossiers on larger diamonds-over 20 points
  • Size tolerance to .0025mm available upon request
  • Up to 99% light return on .001 carat and up (1/10 of 1 point)

As a family business, Grunberger Diamonds has been a reliable source for diamonds for over 80 years. Beginning with the title of the world's largest producer of single cut diamonds in the 1960's, now is the world's largest producer of Ideal Cut melee with Hearts and Arrows diamonds. With a production of hundreds of thousands of diamonds a month, all your diamond needs will be met in a timely basis. Order today by 3:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) and Grunberger Diamonds will ship for next-day delivery. This can elevate the status of HJA members world-wide through their experience and products, using a once- secret product that is now available in Hawaii.

To learn more, visit: www.grunbergerdiamonds.com