2015 Legislative Session – Bills Pertaining to the Sale or Trade of Ivory or Rhinoceros Horn

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The 2015 Legislative Session is now underway and there are several bills that are coming up for committee hearings relating to Wildlife Protection, specifically prohibiting the sale or trade of Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn.

We wanted to provide you information about the legislation so that you can make an informed decision about the topic at hand.


Senate Bill 674 and companion House Bill 837

Establishes the offense of the unlawful sale or trade of ivory or rhinoceros horn for any person who sells, offers to sell, possesses with the intent to sell, or imports with the intent to sell any ivory or rhinoceros horn.  Creates exemptions for the sale or trade of ivory or rhinoceros horn.  Effective 01/01/16.


SB 674:             Bill Text            Bill Status

HB 837:            Bill Text            Bill Status


The House bill has passed second reading and has been referred to the JUD committee.

The Senate version is scheduled for hearing with the Commerce and Consumer Protection (CPN) / Energy and Environment (ENE) committees.  Hearing is tomorrow, 2/19/15 at 3:20 PM, Room 225 if you are interested in attending.



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We hope that the information provided will allow you to make an informed decision about this pending legislation that will affect our industry.