2010, December 31 – 2 Day Seminar

Hawaii Jewelers Association
Brad Huisken Is Coming To Your Area For
2 One-Day Seminars!

In Conjunction with IAS Training February 15, 2011– Maui 48 North Market Street, Wailuku, Hi 96793 February 16, 2011 – Honolulu
Gentry Pacific Design Center, 560 N. Nimitz Highway, Honolulu, HI 96817

To Deliver A Seminar Developed Exclusively For Retail!


Single-handedly Salespeople can cause the Success or Failure of your store. Insure the success of you and your people!
The changes that have occurred and that are currently taking place in the marketplace are frightening to say the least. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to compete in retail. Quality salespeople are almost impossible to find. The current economic conditions, The mass merchandisers and big box stores are consistently taking your market share. Customer loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. Price is becoming more of an issue. It seems as though everyone is suffering from “Time Poverty.” “Can I help you” and “I’m just looking” may still be putting a wall between the salesperson and the customer. Profits and margins are shrinking. Customers have learned to expect a discount. “Will that be all?” is still the standard in attempting to add-on. Salespeople are now saying things like “Here you go” “Your receipt is in the bag” “If you have any problems ...” when the customer leaves. Turnovers aren’t smooth and turn the customer away. Phrases like “I’ll be back” “I need to think about it” “and "This is the first place I have shopped” are more common than “I’ll take it”. Should any of these scenarios be affecting your sales, profits and quality of life read on.
The real goal of a sales presentation (Hint: It’s not just to make a sale!) The different types of customers How to maximize each customer type How to brand your store
How to increase customer loyalty How to get past objections How to sell yourself and the store Numerous ways to sell additional goods That listening is more important than speaking How to compete against the Internet
A clientele system that actually causes the customer to want you to call them How to develop personal trade, repeat business, and referral business How to get over the “I’m just looking” obstacle How to increase the trust customers have in you and your store
How to turnover a sale in a non-aggressive customer friendly manner What the customer’s real meaning is of “Value” The essential questions that salespeople should ask every customer and why How to provide exceptional customer service Communication skills And much, much more...
IAS Training’s Retail Sales Workshop
This revolutionary new workshop that will teach all of the above and much more. For one-day, from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm we will unveil the latest retail strategies and techniques guaranteed to give you double-digit sales increases. Should you not be completely satisfied with the information, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. We will give you the tools; the application of the material is up to you and your people. We recommend that you and your entire staff attend. If it is impossible to commit your entire sales staff then it is essential that the owner and/or the sales manager attend.
A fun and exciting full day of learning A comprehensive workbook A Certificate of Completion A free one-year subscription to our weekly newsletter “Sales Insight” Question and Answer session
Access to our toll-free retail help lineMr. Brad Huisken has developed a course specific to retail. Since starting his selling career in 1971, Brad has been directly involved in all aspects of Sales and Sales Management. His experience and knowledge have enabled him to author the highly acclaimed book I’m A Salesman! Not A Ph.D. and his new book Munchies For Salespeople! Sales Tips You Can Sink Your Teeth Into. He has also developed several audio/video sales and sales management training products along with aptitude and proficiency tests for current employees or new employees.
Brad Huisken and his staff of professional trainers and experienced past retailers at IAS Training, which Brad founded in 1996, delivers public and private seminars and in-house consulting on sales and sales management to both large and small companies. IAS Training uses practical methods, realistic strategies, and usable techniques to teach sales trainers, sales managers, and salespeople how to excel. The courses IAS Training offers are fun, motivational and educational.
Seating is limited so mail, fax, email, or call us with your registration today. Don’t allow your store and business to become a statistic. Do something today to guarantee your store’s success well into the future. Give your salespeople the tools that they need to succeed. You may be saying to yourself, “What if I train them and they leave”? A reasonable question, but now ask yourself “What if you don’t train them and they stay?” We will give you a system that you can use now and into the future. A customer and salesperson friendly system that you can implement immediately with existing staff that will carry on to your future staff. A system that won’t go away simply because your people change. Start today by registering for this incredible workshop.
Check out the enclosed list of some of our customers, and then complete the registration form. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming workshop!
Sincerely, IAS Training
A Few of Our Customers
Eckroth Music, Smyth Jewelers, Bailey’s Jewelers, David Tarpley Music, Bell Jewelers, Pawn Express, USA Pawn, Wholesale Jewelry, Woodards Diamond Showroom, KK’s Jewelry & Music, Gary Michaels Fine Jewelry, Justice Jewelers, Wesche Jewelers, Ware Jewelers, Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelry, Joel McFadden Designs, Luisa Graff Jewelry, Wheat Jewelers, Seita Jewelers, Wm. Phelps Custom Jewelers, Les Olsen Jewelers, Darakjian Jewelers, Desires By Mikolay, E.M. Smith Jewelers, Noe’s Jewelry, The Kingswood Company, The Wedding Ring Store, Goldsmith Jewelers UK, Sydmor’s Jewelry, Kevin Kelly Jewelers, Thom Duma Jewelers, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Michele & Company Fine Jewelers, Enderby Jewellers, S & S Jewelry, Helm’s Jewelry, Bella Cosa Jewelers, Kiefer Village Jewelers, Wesche Jewelers, Decatur Jewelry, Pancis Diamonds, Best Collateral, Kings Jewelry & Loan, Yehuda Diamond Company and many more.


Sitting is Limited So Register Today!
All Workshops are from 9:00am – 4:30pm. Please arrive at 8:45am. Attire is business casual and you will be on your own for lunch.
Call 1-808-263-0118 or Fax 1-808-263-3191 your reservations. Discounts for 3 or more apply. Call for information or e-mail us at info@iastraining.com
Parking for the Honolulu Seminar : It is suggested that you use the Dow Cannery parking garage.


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