2008, October 30 – Design Competition- Nadine Kam

Hawaii Jewelers Association 2008 design stars

The Hawaii Jewelers Association announced the winners of its 2008 Jewelry Design Competition Saturday night. The sparkling creations were judged in three categories, on criteria weighted toward overall design while also considering marketability, wearability/practicality and craftsmanship.

The most coveted prize, the Designer of the Year Award, went to Michael Ly of Maui Divers Jewelry on the strength of three designs, including “Kane Paddler,” a diamond-and-gold medallion illustrating one of the most powerful images of Hawaii, the canoe paddler. The design took first-place honors in the Hawaiian-themed jewelry competition.

Also chosen in each of the categories were People’s Choice winners.

Here are the winners:

Jewelry under $3,500

» First: “Color My World,” by Jaime Ciletti, Windward Jewelers. Earrings created by Hella Meek in 14-karat gold with amethyst, peridot and blue topaz gems.

» Second: “Dazzling Anthurium,” by Michael Ly, Maui Divers Jewelry. An elegant handmade diamond-accented anthurium motif brooch.

» Third: “Honey Bee,” by Denny Wong of Denny Wong Designs. A Tahitian black circle pearl is the perfect fit for this clever pendant/brooch bee design of yellow and white gold citrine cabochon and tsavorite garnets.

» People’s choice: “Mana,” by Mark Meador, Goldsmiths Kauai. A bright South Sea pearl, diamonds and striking black onyx carving with 18-karat gold had the power to capture the people’s prize.

Jewelry over $3,500

» First: “Christmas Suite,” by Tom Wheeler and Eric Gold, Opal Fields. A pendant and earring ensemble is set with a rare suite of boulder black opals with a Christmas light, color display.

» Second: “Sugar & Spice,” by Hella Allerstorfer Meek, Windward Jewelers. These handmade hanger-style earrings feature a choice of large fancy yellow diamonds or drop south sea pearls.

» Third: “Golden Tornado,” by Michael Ly, Maui Divers. A white-and-yellow gold pendant holds a rich golden south sea pearl in a tornado of diamonds.

» People’s choice: “Eve’s Temptation,” by David Fairclough, Topaz Goldsmith & Gallery. This serpent necklace comprises supple gold links set with black diamonds and yellow sapphires.

Hawaiian Theme Jewelry

» First: “Kane Paddler,” by Michael Ly, Maui Divers

» Second: “Sunset on the Beach,” by Jane Chen, Opal Fields. A pendant depicting the setting sun on a palm tree-laden beach with a sky and ocean of blue-green boulder black opal in white gold.

» Third: “Sacred Honu,” by Dana Romsdal, Goldsmiths Kauai. The green sea turtle is hand carved of yellow and white gold.

» People’s choice: “Hawaiian Sea Life,” by John Nyugen, Maui Divers Jewelry. A white gold pendant set with a south sea pearl and diamonds captures Hawaii’s sea creatures playfully swimming in an ocean of blue enamel