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Big Island and Kauai Jewelers Need Your Support

Despite the floods on Kauai and the on-going eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii, HJA Retail Members on these neighbor islands are open for businesses and need your support so that they can continue to serve their customers on their islands and beyond.

You can show your support by contributing to this GoFundMe campaign:

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Big Island:


HJA Store

Welcome the Hawaii Jewelers Association Store

Your place to purchase HJA branded items on-line. Proudly show your support for the HJA by buying and displaying items with the Hawaii Jewelers Association logo and name!

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Colored Stones Seminar by Douglas Hucker

Douglas Hucker did it again, providing an informative seminar on today's market with colored stones on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at the beautiful Oahu Country Club. Guests enhanced their gemstone knowledge with insightful tips on today's clientele, colored stone trends, and colored stone availability as they were provided a continental breakfast.

Douglas Hucker has dedicated his life to the jewelry business. His varied résumé includes stints teaching at GIA, serving as director of marketing for Krementz and Co., and running The Registry, an estate jewelry com­pany.  Since 1997, he has headed the Dallas-based American Gem Trade Association.

Ivory Ban In Effect (since June 30, 2017)


With the signing of Senate Bill 2647, Hawai‘i passed the most comprehensive U.S. state law targeting illegal wildlife trade.

The law was passed by the Legislature in June 2016 and its effective date was June 30, 2017.  Individuals and businesses with wildlife products in their possession only had until June 29, 2017 to lawfully dispossess of the items (sale, gift, or transfer). Since then it is generally illegal to sell ivory (and other covered items) within or from the Sate of Hawaii. The law does provide some exemptions for bona fide antiques, musical instruments, guns and knives, and traditional cultural practices.

Private possession of ivory that was legally acquired remains legal, even though ivory commerce is generally prohibited as ofJune 30, 2017. For elephant  ivory to have been legally acquired it generally must have been imported prior to Federal bans beginning in 1975. Retailers should be careful not to display private collections of ivory as the bill includes a presumption of intent to sell clause.

Refer to the State of Hawaii website for details:

This post by the Hawaii Jewelers Association is for information purposes only. It has not been reviewed by an attorney and should not be used as the basis for legal guidance.

Jewelry stores targeted in string of brazen robberies

Tuesday, April 4th 2017, 12:28 pm HST

HJA is in constant communication with the Honolulu Police Department regarding any crimes that we gain knowledge about.

HJA is in constant communication with the Honolulu Police Department regarding any crimes that we gain knowledge about.

We have been in collaboration with HPD to discuss the recent increase in local burglaries in order to keep our businesses and community informed.

"The Honolulu Police Department encourages any persons, or entities that are the victims of crimes to report these incidents immediately.  At present we have not identified any patterns indicating a significant rise in crimes perpetrated against jewelry retail establishments, but if these types of crimes are going unreported we may not be able to focus the appropriate resources to address these problems.  It is the Honolulu Police Department’s policy to not disclose specifics of a crime outside of departmental channels unless it is with the consent of the business owner."   

Captain Walter H. Ozeki
Honolulu Police Department
Criminal Investigation Division
Violent Crimes 
Please click here for more information from Captain Ozeki about jewelry store crime prevention.

Great Turnout for our First Seminar in 2017!

What a great way to start off 2017 with our first seminar filled with knowledgeable tips to utilize everyday at work. On January 25th, guest speaker, Debbie Hiss, motivated every person in the room with her enthusiastic approach to effectively improve sales performance. Every attendee left feeling motivated and voiced a new perspective to the basic concepts of selling.

Thank you again to those that attended this seminar and be sure to put those great tips to use to drive sales and improve customer retention!

Congratulations to our Holiday Giveaway Winner

HJA had our 2nd annual giveaway from November 1-December 10 2016. This year's award was a 14kt white and yellow gold Opal and diamond ring valued at $2,450.  Our lovely winner of this ring is Opal Fields client, Lori Uyehara! We love the fact that Lori birthstone is Opal so she was so happy to add this to her collection of fine jewelry.

Thank you participating HJA members! You made another giveaway such a a success!