2015 Annual Banquet & Design Contest

Honolulu, Hawaii (May 2, 2015) - Hawaii Jewelers Association is proud to celebrate our 66th Annual Banquet and Design Competition!

Our 2015 winners were announced at our annual banquet on May 2, 2015 at the beautiful Oahu Country Club. The convivial evening allowed us to celebrate the artistry, craft skills, and innovative designs created by our local jewelry industry colleagues.

To be considered by the judges, each entry must be an original piece and designed by an HJA member making use of only precious metals and genuine gem stones.  All pieces were evaluated on the overall design, marketability, practicality/wear-ability, and craftsmanship.

There are 3 categories to compete in; Jewelry Under $3,500, Jewelry Over $3,500, and Hawaiian Theme Jewelry. The designer of the piece with the overall highest total points is also awarded Designer of The Year. This year, we had 29 entries from jewelers on Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. You may view all 29 pieces by clicking the links below.

And the winners are……

Designer of the yearDESIGNER OF THE YEAR, Denny Wong, Denny Wong Designs




JaliRingFirst Place: “Jali” Ring by Jason Dow. This ring masterfully captures the mysterious ephemeral transparency of the intricate jali screens seen in prized Indian Architecture which allows an onlooker to see without being seen. An eternity ring design detailed in 18 karat rose gold and framed in black diamonds.

WatrFallSecond Place: “Waterfall” by Carrie Nottage Smith, Na Hoku. This elegantly done opal inlay and diamond pendant perfectly expresses the natural brightness and freshness of Hawaii’s waterfalls. Like any of these beautiful waterfalls, the design of this pendant will command attention and wonder.

FireThird Place: “Fire and Ice” necklace, Denny Wong Designs. An icy blue apatite and fiery pink sapphire are the gems featured in this brilliant and charming white gold pendant. Some say fire, some say ice.

WatrFallPeople’s Choice: “Waterfall” by Carrie Nottage Smith, Na Hoku. This elegantly done opal inlay, diamond, and gold pendant perfectly expresses the natural brightness and freshness of Hawaii’s waterfalls. Like any of these beautiful waterfalls, the design of this pendant will command attention and wonder.



TideFirst Place: “Ocean Tides” Ring, by the Maui Divers design team. This ring features a perfect example of Hawaii’s state gem, black coral. Surrounded by a waves of diamonds this ring captures the true spirit of the black coral as it lives in ocean tides.

BlissSecond Place: “Royal Bliss” Ring, by Dona Wong, Keoni Collections. This blissful pendant features a stunning royal blue tanzanite with a diamond crown set atop a rich, diamond decorated lotus design base. Craftsmanship fit for a monarch in white and yellow gold.

KoalaThird Place: “Koala” pendant, by Tiara Pearl International. The cute and cuddly koala is a perfect expression for this impressive baroque Australian South Seas pearl. Delicate and imaginative use of white gold, diamonds, black rhodium and even a stick of wood completes this sculpted design of Australia’s iconic
irresistible living teddy bear.

Flake2People’s Choice: “Snowflake” by Moshe Hakemolo, Diamond Guy Hawaii. The design of this engagement and wedding ring set is as delicate as a snowflake and packs a blizzard of brilliance. Brilliantly set in 18 karat
white gold it features a huge 3.5 carat round diamond that is surrounded by custom cut fancy shaped diamonds.



KilaueaFirst Place: “Kilauea” necklace, by Denny Wong Designs. The flickering of red being emitted from the unique rose cut red garnet featured in this 18 karat gold pendant represents Kilauea’s fiery cauldron. The black tourmaline necklace it is dangling from represents the black basalt rock that is Kilauea. As does Kilauea, every aspect of this beautiful garnet, diamond and tanzanite pendant truly captures the imagination.

TreaWat2Second Place:”Treasured Waters” by Dona Wong, Keoni Collections. Featuring a natural shape precious red coral and flowing diamond studded gold work this pendant expresses well the dreamy romantic beauty of Hawaii’s Treasured Waters. It even completes its water motif design with a delightful raindrop filigree pattern on the back.

PlumeriaThird Place: “Plumeria Scroll” by Maui Divers Design Team, Maui Divers. Just when you thought you’ve seen every royal scroll and plumeria design possible, Maui Divers creates this delightfully different adaptation of our iconic Hawaii Heirloom theme. With elegance and charm this pendant features a delicate sculpted plumeria with flowing, diamond accented royal scrolling.

He`ePeople’s Choice: “He’e (Octopus)” by Donna Shimazu, Na Hoku. The power and grace of the Hawaiian octopus is wonderfully expressed in this powerfully impressive slide pendant. With a gold body and Tahitian black pearl head and diamonds for the eyes this beautiful piece would be the perfect possession for those with the he`e as their aumakua.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big mahalo to all the designers who participated in this year's contest.


Here are the links and information of all 29 entries. *All pieces are available for purchase.

Winners Summary




Hawaiian Theme Jewelry entries,


Over $3,500 entries



Under $3,500 entries



Hawaii Jewelers Association 2015 Design Contest & Banquet

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Saturday, May 2, 2015
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Oahu Country Club, 150 Country Club Road
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Featuring musical performances by HJA’s very own,
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5:30pm Cocktail Reception & Table Top Exhibits by HJA Associate Members
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7:00pm Paniolo Barbeque Buffet Dinner
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Click here for the Rules & Information to enter in the Jewelry Design Competition. Forms for each category are listed below, please complete and email or mail back to our Executive Directors. Entry Pieces due at Opal Fields no later than Thursday April 23, 2015. We have 3 judges this year that will use a Point System to determine the winners.
Competition # 1 -  Jewelry Under $3500 Retail
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Competition # 3 - Hawaiian Themed Jewelry