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Donna Wong HJA's Designer of the Year

October 18th, 2012

jtropicalHawaii Jewelers Association photos
Donna Wong's winning "Tropical Paradise" design.

Donna Wong was named Designer of the Year during the 2012 Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Competition, with winners announced Saturday during a dinner event at Roy's Restaurant.

Wong won for her pendant design, “Tropical Paradise,” with a centerpiece of red coral encircled with diamonds, and an 18K tri-color gold landscape featuring Diamond Head, against the red backdrop, on the reverse. A turning mechanism allows either side to be displayed.

The piece also took first place in the Hawaii-themed jewelry category.

Wong was also a People’s Choice winner, awarded by her peers, and Public Choice winner, in the “jewelry over $3,500” category, for another black pearl pendant, “Hidden Beauty.”

There were 45 entries in three categories in the annual competition, which made it tough to judge. Here’s the list of winners. Congratulations all!

Jewelry under $3,500

jpaddlerFirst place: “Colorful Paddler” by Tom Wheeler, Opal Fields; $580. The paddle design incorporates an Ethiopian opal and brilliant diamond.
Second place: “Spirit of a Wave” by Keoni Durant, Kauai Carver; $2,250. This stylized 18K gold and Tahitian black pearl fish hook was inspired by the fluid form of ocean waves.
Third place: “Linked Together” wedding bands by Brian Thomsen; $2,100. A 14K yellow-and-white gold flexible bicycle chain link wedding ring expresses the strength and flexibility needed for a relationship to thrive.
People’s choice: “Rainbow Waterfall” by Michael Ly, The Wedding Ring Shop. A 14K yellow-and-white gold pendant represents the fluid merging of a rainbow and waterfall. It's set with enhanced colored diamond.
Public choice: “Rainbow Waterfall”

undernewSecond, third and people's and public choice winners.


Jewelry under $3,500

First place: “Radiant Blue” by Dana Romsdal, Goldsmiths Kauai; $3,880. An 18K yellow gold pendant with a treatment-free blue Ceylon sapphire and channel set diamonds.
Second place: “Emergent” by Denny Wong, Denny Wong Designs; $29,000. An A 18K tutone gold slide pendant features a Michael Dyber-carved statement aquamarine.
Third place: “Insight Into My Heart” by Jane Chen, Opal Fields; $15,000. An intense pink—the color of passion—HPHT diamond is the centerpiece of this ring, with yellow, white and pink gold elements.
People’s choice: “Hidden Beauty” by Donna Wong, Keoni Collection. The name of this piece refers to the pendant's turning mechanism, that allows either the front or back of the 18K white gold-diamond pendant to be displayed interchangeably. An intricate pattern complements the 16.8mm Tahitian black pearl.
Public choice: “Hidden Beauty”

overSecond, third and people's and public choice winners.


jhiSecond, third and people's and public choice winners.

Hawaiian theme jewelry
First place: “Tropical Paradise,” by Donna Wong; $11,000.
Second place: “Rare Honu” by James Escibido, Royal Pacific Jewels: $2,990. A white gold sea turtle pendant features rare and fiery brilliant red opal inlay.
Third place: “Diamond Head Sunrise” by Tom Wheeler, Opal Fields; $33,000. The sunrise over Diamond Head was the inspiration for this yellow gold slide pendant featuring rare Boulder Black opal.
People’s choice: “Pu‘ili Na Plumeria Ka i Ke Kai (Heavenly Plumeria Embracing the Ocean” by Michael Ly, The Wedding Ring Shop. A blue topaz dangles from a lei of deeply sculpted 14K gold plumeria, accented with marquise diamonds.
Public choice: “Lei Aloha” by Laura Mellow, Mellow Antiques. A flower lei designed diamond engagement ring will last longer than its inspiration.