About Us

Established in 1949, HJA is both a center of knowledge for the jeweler and an advocate for professionalism and high social, ethical, and environmental standards in the jewelry trade. Our mission is to promote a positive customer service experience through professionalism, information, education, and ethics. HJA will provide access to meaningful educational programs and services, leadership in public and industry affairs, and encourage members with common interests to act in their and the industry’s best interests.

We members of the Hawaii Jewelers Association signify our bond to these professional standards through adoption and adherence to The Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct and Business Practices which represents the guiding principles that govern the conduct of our members.

Hawaii Jewelers Association Members are dedicated and committed to maintaining the highest standard of honesty, fairness, professionalism and services. Our Code of Ethics serves to educate, inspire, and unite our members, and form the basis for specific Rules of Professional Conduct by which all members have agreed to abide.

Hawaii Jewelers Association member companies include independent jewelry retailers, multi-store jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, jewelry designers and brands, and service providers to the jewelry industry.